About Us

PowerTown Line Construction, LLC (PTLC) is a family owned entity built around the values of safety, integrity, and quality. We are a licensed certified general contractor and utility specialty contractor working throughout Florida using equipment, manpower, and knowledge that make us capable of completing virtually any project.

We specialize in distribution, transmission telecommunication, and substation construction with services that include construction, project management, and maintenance applications of both power delivery and telecommunication services. Our culture of teamwork, insistence on safety, and focus on precision provides customers with the highest value and most efficient solutions. Continuous training of safety and techniques along with the strongest work ethic keeps PTLC ready to move at a moment’s notice.

Utilizing the state’s only 24/7 flex team, we work with major utilities during storm response and to minimize power outages. And our streetlight maintenance contract with Duke Energy keeps neighborhood and major roadways well-lighted while also upgrading many areas to new, LED technology.

Other specialties we focus on include hardening the grid to better handle Florida’s stormy weather and facilitating underground installation and maintenance of power and communication lines.

Taken together, our areas of expertise and regional work make us Florida’s pre-eminent electrical grid, cellular infrastructure, and communication infrastructure contractor. Contact us today for help with your grid and infrastructure problems!

Licensed utility specialty contractor, State of Florida (ES-12000679)