Operations Manager

Greg Schwartz

Greg Schwartz is PowerTown’s Operations Manager for the company’s contracts with Duke Energy in Florida. This includes multiple crews working with Duke throughout its massive Florida service area – 13,000 square miles and 1.7 million customers stretching from St. Pete on the Gulf Coast, across to Sebring and north to the Florida Panhandle. Greg was a cable installer in Florida in the mid-1990s before getting into the line tech business as an independent contractor. He joined Duke Energy in overhead construction/installation in 2002, and by 2017 was responsible for Duke’s “L3” work – managing streetlight maintenance that is performed in close proximity to high voltage distribution lines. Greg moved to PowerTown in 2017 and was instrumental in securing the L3 contract work. Since then PowerTown’s work with Duke has grown to include all streetlight maintenance and new installations, storm hardening and reliability, as well as Viper® reclosure installations. Greg lives in the Tampa Bay area and offices at PowerTown’s new training center in St. Petersburg.